Managing Your Neck Pain
By Virgin Islands Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine
November 05, 2020
Category: Orthopedics
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You wish your chronic neck pain would improve, but right now, it's part of your everyday life. At Virgin Islands Orthopaedics and Medical Specialists in St. Thomas and St. Croix, Dr. Jeffrey Chase and Dr. Carmen Quinones offer real remedies for neck pain. Simple changes can improve or eliminate your discomfort.


One-sided, two-sided, or down the back

Neck pain varies in location and intensity. Some people have some soreness in the morning while others experience more serious pain and a limited range of motion throughout the day.


Some causes are so minor you just don't think of them as problems, but they are. Others relate to the aging process or injury. Whatever the case, your orthopedic surgeon can help.


Your consultation with Dr. Chase or Dr. Quinones

Come to our St. Croix or St. Thomas office to talk it over. Describe your symptoms in detail.


For instance, when does your neck pain start? How would you characterize it? Is it sharp, dull, throbbing? Is tingling or numbness involved? Is it constant, or do you feel better when you move around? Your answers will help the doctor arrive at a diagnosis, along with his physical exam, X-rays, and other digital imaging he deems pertinent.


Your treatment plan depends on the causes

Dr. Chase or Dr. Quinones will talk with you about his conclusions and your treatment plan. Most people do well with home care and physical therapy. Injury from an auto accident (whiplash) or sports or disease processes, such as arthritis or degenerative vertebral discs, cause substantial pain and impact function, says Harvard Health.


However, simpler factors cause neck pain, too. Here are some examples and ways to counter them:

  • Stress and the resulting stiff muscles (try prayer, mediation, or other relaxation techniques)
  • Poor posture (don't hunch over, but consciously sit and stand straight)
  • Keeping a keyboard too low on your desk or lap (eye level is best)
  • Remaining sedentary during the workday (get up at least twice an hour to refocus your eyes and stretch your neck, back, shoulders and legs)
  • Lifting objects which are too heavy for you (it's OK to wait until someone can assist you)
  • Piling up bed pillows (sleep with one only)
  • Poor eyesight (if you require glasses, wear them and avoid craning your neck to see)


Move well, and feel well

You can manage your neck pain. Find out more about it by contacting Dr. Jeffrey Chase or Dr. Carmen Quinones at Virgin Islands Orthopaedics and Medical Specialists. Choose either our St. Thomas office at (340) 714-2845 or our St. Croix location at (340) 692-5000.