Pursuing Rehabilitation Services After Surgery
By Virgin Islands Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine
January 11, 2021
Category: Health Care

Surgery is often the last approach to many orthopedic conditions, depending of course on initial severity. So to assure its success, physical therapy is typically an important step to completing the treatment. If you want to know if you're doing everything you can to recover, and to learn more, please get in contact with Dr. Jeffrey Chase and Dr. Ahmet Sayan of Virgin Islands Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine in Saint Thomas and St. Croix, Virgin Islands.

Motion and Mobility

The goal of surgical treatment is always about returning to your motion and mobility. So it's no surprise that physical therapy is often a requirement of most orthopedic surgical procedures.

Physical therapy usually begins on the same day of surgery, if possible. A lot depends on the type and severity of the surgery, but occupational or physical therapy will need to part of the recovery process.

Physical therapy doesn't only help you heal properly, but you will be back to your daily activities much faster than without it.
You will be limited to the types of exercises you can perform immediately after surgery, so it's important to allow your doctor to set the types of exercises that are safe and that will not hinder healing instead of helping it.

Physical Therapy in Saint Thomas and St. Croix, Virgin Islands

Your doctor will advise you on what you can anticipate after surgery and after the entirety of the recovery process. Rehab can take time and dedication, and realistic expectations. Surgery is just the first step, so make sure you stay in contact with your physician and follow their guidance to assure a successful recovery.

To find out the best possible approach to your own condition, make an appointment today with Dr. Chase and Dr. Sayan of Virgin Islands Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine by dialing (340) 714-2845 for Saint Thomas and (340) 692-5000 for the St. Croix location.