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By Virgin Islands Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine
May 20, 2021
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Your doctors in St. Thomas, and St. Croix, can help you heal.

Your shoulder performs a lot of hard work. If your shoulder hurts, it can really impact your life. All of a sudden, you can’t lift, pull, or do other common functions. You could have a rotator cuff injury. The good news is, your orthopaedic specialists are experts at treating rotator cuff injuries, so you can get back to your life.

Dr. Jeffrey Chase at Virgin Islands Orthopaedics and Medical Specialists offers a wide range of orthopaedic and medical services, including treatment for rotator cuffs and other shoulder injuries. They have two convenient office locations in St. Thomas, and St. Croix, to help you heal.

So, what is a rotator cuff? It’s a combination of tendons and muscles around your shoulder joint. The rotator cuff functions to keep your upper arm in the socket in your shoulder.

Rotator cuff injuries are much more common as you get older. They are also a common problem for people who do a lot of motions overhead, like carpenters, painters, and other construction workers.

You may have a rotator cuff injury if you:

  • Experience a dull ache deep in your shoulder
  • You can’t sleep because of shoulder pain
  • You can’t do common tasks like combing your hair
  • Your arm feels like it has lost strength and mobility

For mild shoulder pain, you may be able to get relief if you:

  • Place ice on your shoulder several times each day
  • Place warm, moist heat on your shoulder several times each day
  • Take over-the-counter pain and anti-inflammatory medication
  • Rest your shoulder or wear a sling for a period of time

For moderate to severe shoulder pain, you need to see your orthopaedic specialist. Rotator cuff injuries can be serious. A torn rotator cuff is often treated with a combination of:

  • Steroid injections into your shoulder joint
  • Surgical repair, to re-attach torn ligaments and tendons, and re-align bones
  • Physical therapy, to restore range-of-motion, mobility, and strength

To find out more about the causes, signs, symptoms, and treatment of rotator cuff injuries and how your orthopaedic specialists can help, call Dr. Chase at Virgin Islands Orthopaedics and Medical Specialists. You can reach us in St. Thomas, at (340) 714-2845, or at their office in St. Croix, at (340) 692-5000, so call today!